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5 Website Traffic Generation Tips To Drive Site Visitors

As a new business owner, you’ve  put in a lot of overtime to get your website to be the best it possibly can be.  You’ve done your research, uploaded content and spent hours of your time getting it to look just perfect. However for there to be much point to having a website you now need to get visitors to your site to make all that effort worth it.  Let’s look at 5 website traffic generation tips you can put into place to drive visitors to your site to start gaining new customers.

1. Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the best ways to achieve website traffic generation initially is to use PPC Advertising, or “Pay Per Click” advertising.  It’s cost-effective advertising because you’re only billed for the ads when someone actually clicks on them. This saves you valuable money you could lose from “compulsive clickers.”
A couple of places you can use this method of website traffic generation include Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. It places your Ads in front of your target audience looking for your exact product or service who don’t know of your website yet and has a link that drives them to your website.

2. SEO Marketing

SEO is a must if you want to gain free website traffic to your website, ie. organic traffic – traffic that comes to your website from the unpaid sources/searches such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

It plays a great role in the success of the business. Therefore, its importance cannot be neglected.

Research shows that it represents over 60% of the total traffic on the website. The following are some of the top SEO strategies you should ensure you put in place:

  • On Page SEO: This refers to the SEO setup of your website pages so it ranks and displays correctly in Google searches. This includes writing high quality content that your target audience is searching for, and writing accurate meta descriptions, having the correct and relevant keywords and keyword density, image alt tags and internal links to other pages on your website.
  • Backlinks: Invest the resources into getting high quality relevant backlinks, that is, links from high authority websites back to your website so that it indicates to Google that your website is valuable and important and ranks it higher in searches.
  • SEO Blog Writing: SEO optimised blogging, is one of the most effective methods for website traffic generation. Choose topics that answer questions your target market would be searching answers for, in the language they would use. It also helps build you as an authority or leader/expert in your industry.

3. Social Media

With an active daily audience of billions of users, social media is an excellent source for website traffic generation. Social Media is great to get noticed because users are willing to share new products, services and websites they find on these platforms. The following tips are some powerful ways to website traffic generation from social media:

  • Create valuable, compelling content and tailor it to your audience’s interests, needs and wants. Ensure to include a link to your website.
  • Specifically post social media content at times your audience are most active to increase the chance of it being seen and shared.
  • Use micro-influencers to reach your target audience.
  • Share website links whenever write content or comments on social media.
  • Guest blog, and include links to your website where possible.
  • Gone are the days to reach large audiences for free on social media. Create highly targeted Ads with links to your website.

4. Google Voice Search

The popularity of virtual assistance such as Siri and Google Voice is rapidly growing. When people search through Google Voice, they will be directed to certain businesses and their websites, and you want yours to be designed to draw them in. You’ll want to retool your search strategy to facilitate this avenue to your website. A few ways to do this include:

  • Create an excellent FAQ section to include your long tail keywords.
  • Use local SEO in voice searches.
  • Enhance phrases and keywords to more closely match what a seeker might actually say.

5. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is an assortment of some of the best pages on the Internet. This method is reportedly among the best and most effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

To get on Stumbleupon’s radar, your content must be aesthetically pleasing, relevant and interesting. You’ll want to complete a StumbleUpon profile. Then attach a StumbleUpon badge onto your site. 


You’ve ensured your website is high quality, informative and helpful offering products or services with a difference.

You just need others to know about it and for this to happen they need to know your website exists. There are numerous tactics to increase website traffic generation and today we have discussed five. What tips do you have that have worked?

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Posted By: Digital Agencies

April 1, 2018