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Digital Inbound Marketing – 5 Things To Know

Digital inbound marketing refers to a marketing method of attracting people to businesses using online avenues rather than traditional marketing methods such as television ads and radio.

Traditional marketing has focused on interfering with something people enjoy to deliver a marketing message. Examples of this “interruptive marketing” include television ads, YouTube ads and pop-up ads. The problem with it is that it isn’t very effective. What is very effective though is digital inbound marketing. It requires you however,  to build a relationship with the consumer so that overtime they choose your brand. Here’s 5 things to know about digital inbound marketing.

1. You need to build a relationship with your target market

Inbound digital marketing requires you to build a relationship with your target market. By building a relationship with your target audience you can then share your content with them and their networks and invite them to your website.

You’ll first need to spend time where they do online, the same forums, Facebook groups, Instagram and other places and over time you’ll draw a community to yourself who are interested in buying your products or services and participating in your discussions. The most effective digital inbound marketing occurs when you focus on your ideal target market, craft a message that’s relevant to them, build relationships and share your content. You’ll soon find that over time you will build a loyal customer base.

2. Accept that you’re not a good fit for everyone

One of the reasons traditional marketing methods aren’t that effective is because it is too broad. People receive advertising that are not relevant to their wants, needs or goals. Digital inbound marketing on the other hand focuses on who your ideal customer is. Your strategy needs to involve working out what kinds of consumers you serve best and who can you make the biggest difference to. Once you have discovered this, you can focus on marketing only to that group. For examples, there’s no point marketing a male skincare company like Jackson Miles to women.

3. You Need a Relevant Inbound Marketing Message

Once you’ve identified your target group, concentrate on creating a marketing message that attracts them in ways that are highly relevant.


If you own a camera business,  you may take these steps:

  • Create one set of messages for advanced photographers who buy high-end cameras
  • Create another set of messages for beginners who buy entry-level equipment
  • Create a variety of informative and entertaining material about photography in general
  • Not worry about reaching anyone who isn’t a photographer

4.  Importantly, share your content effectively with digital inbound marketing

It’s essential to create the type of content that your target audience value and are interested in. This makes it much more likely it’ll get shared or you will get a desirable outcome when inviting them to view it. Otherwise, it can be incredibly difficult to get your business noticed online – simply shouting your message like everyone else out there will usually prove to be ineffective.  This strategy may include writing regular optimised blog articles, posting information on social media of upcoming events or contests, and asking your readers to share their feedback or make comments.

5. Know your competitors

With digital inbound marketing, you’re fighting for your customers attention. They have much more choice in what they pay attention to and what they ignore. But the benefit of digital inbound marketing when done correctly is you often will generate high quality leads in the long term. You need to think about your business’s USP or unique selling point and how you can be different to your competitors.  Customers have far more buying opportunities than they have money. As a result, they ignore most marketing that they see and focus on their own priorities. Yes, people spend money. But they do so carefully, and only when the opportunity matches their needs.

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Posted By: Digital Agencies

February 20, 2018