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New Features of Google ads New Interface

What are Google Ads?

Every second there are millions of Google searches performed. The majority of the search results will include pages with Google ads. These ads are paid for by businesses and can be an extremely effective way to drive traffic to your site. These ads pop up just as people are searching for the product or service you have to offer. Below, you will learn what Google Ad, also known as Adwords, are and what new features they have to offer.

Basically, Google offers advertisements that appear on search results when someone is using Google. These advertisements may also appear on other websites through the Google AdSense program or the Display Network. If choosing to use Google Ads, which will likely be beneficial, you should know about all the new features that are being offered.

New Features

One of the newest and obvious features of Google Adwords is the new name Google Ads and its interface. This is available to all advertisers through Google. While not all advertisers are choosing to use this new interface, it is available. Additionally, if you do not like the new interface, you can currently change back with the click of a button. The new look is much more aesthetically pleasing, especially for new users, though users of the old system may be somewhat lost in the new data visualisations and expanding three dot menus or colourful representations of account data. It offers an intuitive feel that newbies will likely love. There are both wonderful new features that are right in your face and a few hidden gems that we will share.

Demographic Targeting

Recently released, demographic targeting for search ads, is a powerful tool for advertisers. This allows you to cater to your reach and message to customers of different ages and genders. These were shown to be powerful almost immediately. Though some demographics were available on the original platform, the new user interface doubles down on the targeting options, which allows for targeting based on household include and parental status as well as those mentioned above. This allows for flexibility in who and how audiences are reached online.

Promotions Extension

Promotion extensions are still in the works but are coming soon. This allows you to highlight a specific sale on your website and by doing so, save yourself limited characters within the ad copy. This allows you to double down on and promo that may be occurring.


The new user interface offers options and powerful reports to make analysing your pay per click campaigns. The new Google Ads visually displays a breakdown of cost, clicks, and conversions, making it easier to manage each campaign and optimise bid adjustments. It also highlights heat-maps and bar graphs on how ads are performing across different days and hours, making scheduling a breeze.

Advanced Bid Adjustments

Managing bids can be tough, but it gets easier with Google Ads. The new user interface introduces advanced bid adjustments that allow you to adjust each bid to drive certain actions from the SERP. This can be from placing a call from an extension to call-only campaigns.


The new Google Ads is not perfect, but it does make some difficult aspects much better overall. Whether you are a new user, thinking about becoming a user, or are an old pro, Google Ads Management can benefit your business. Why not give it a try?

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Posted By: Digital Agencies

March 6, 2019